Artist Judy Manherz will work on an original pastel painting or you can purchase a limited edition signed print

Paintings in Pastel including Portraits and Composites / Prints


Willy lost his battle to cancer in January 2002. His owner (mom/Sue) and I became friends through my breeder who owned the Dobermans in “Who Let the ‘Dobes Out?” Through our dog connections, a number of us became friends and share a bond through this often misrepresented breed. In particular, Sue and I have seemed to come together on another level, because of our mutual understanding of loss.  Willy’s death was heartbreaking and certainly devastating for Sue at the time. It really was an honour for me to paint such a great dog.  Willy lives on in many ways, especially in his offspring, Poppy and Ronny, both who currently live with Sue.


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