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The Watch

Through this site, I am able to share with you some of my completed paintings in pastel. The goal for me has always been to “Capture life on canvas.”  From the time I was very young, I drew and painted animals of all kinds.  Many of my paintings are available as prints. I work primarily from photographs, which allows me to complete work from all over the world.  My focus is detail and precision in capturing the subject and bringing life to the portrait / composition.

Through the years, I have met many friends as a result of working with them to paint their loved ones, whether they are two legged or four legged.   Each painting has been a rewarding journey.

Thank you for taking the time to tour this website.  I hope you find some of the pictures moving for you.  Most important, I hope they make you smile.  Please contact me for information should you wish to order a print or commission me for an original composition.